innotec provides financial back office services for companies looking to improve the quality, efficiency and cost structure of their financial operations. We can effectively manage all your daily financial needs. Back office services include payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivables, debt collection and others. We provide our clients with enhanced insights into their financial procedures and greater scalability at a lower cost, a point than can be achieved through traditional in-house operations. Our “Bookkeeping Services” can be customized to a client’s needs.


Connected data, process & controls: No more disconnected data. innotec provides its back office services using latest technologies with best-of-breed financial, accounting, invoicing, payroll and recruitment process software. We implement proven processes and controls to increase efficiency and speed to market.


Right people – time-saving:  innotec provides the right people at the right time. We can meet your staffing needs on demand. Additionally, we free up your top employees from dealing with time-consuming back office service and activities and allow them to focus on strategic goals.


Visibility, poised for growth: Comprehensive reporting will enable you to make decisions based on a clearer view of your back office requirements. innotec delivers a new paradigm; a back office services that is an enabler of growth — not a constraint.


Back office services - Accounts payable services

Accounts Payable Services

innotec provides a range of back office services in the area of accounts payable:

Data capture: Receipt and management of all paper-based payables
Data processing exception management: Resolution and proactive management of exception transactions see more

Suspect duplicate analysis: Audit and control mechanisms that eliminate the risk of duplicate payments and support recovery and complaint processes
Disbursement services: All aspects of payments in minimal time to reduce client costs

Back office services - Accounts receivable services

Accounts Receivable Services

In the area of accounts receivable, we are experienced in:

• Preparation of invoices and mailing after client’s approval
• Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system
• Preparing and delivering periodic statements see more

• Carrying out process adjustments approved by the client
• Preparing accounts receivable reports
• Accounts receivable deductions management

Back office services - Debt collection

Debt Collection

Outsourcing debt collection to innotec helps you achieve cost savings while increasing your returns. Our end-to-end debt collection outsourcing services include:

Early and late stage debt collections: innotec can contact customers or debtors on your behalf that have defaulted on payment and offer them options for debt restructuring see more

Data validation and customer tracking services: For customers or debtors whose contact information has changed or that have defaulted for a longer period, innotec offers a service that can track them down
Dispute management and resolution: Our debt collection call centre executives are trained for dispute management and resolution to ensure the best possible outcome for your business

Back office services - Payroll services

Payroll Services

In the domain of “Back Office Services”, Innotec also has expertise in payroll services:

Compensation administration: payroll, payroll tax compliance, equity compensation accounting and compliance, analytics, contact centre, reporting see more

Benefits administration: Carrier enrolment, Benefit use analyses, Leave administration, Contact Centre, Reporting
Employee data administration: Document imaging, database entry and updates, contact centre, reporting

Back office services - Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

In the area of recruitment processes, we can report success stories for:

• CV screening, background checks
• Professional relocation of candidates see more

• Evaluation, verification of candidate skillsets and knowledge level