Success Story of Irena Cyrklewicz, Poland

Irena Cyrklewicz

Inside Sales Specialist

Warsaw, Poland

My Story

What I appreciate is that innotec is constantly on the move. We travel and work together. We like food, so we share meals from time to time. We have fun while working together with our colleagues. We strive to deliver the best services to our customers. If one of our team members needs any help, he gets it – we are there for each other. We always expect the unexpected and act according to the situation.


Working at innotec gives you great training and career development opportunities. I am happy and proud to be part of a great team that delivers cutting-edge technologies to our customers and partners. My colleagues and I are experts in building and maintaining strategic relationships with new and existing partners. Our Team Leaders are always there for us whenever we need additional support. We have the best Trainer and a Quality Manager who are always ready to help us and share their knowledge with us in the most interesting way. Guess what? We have an amazing Manager, indeed!


At innotec we know our partners very well and we also know how to expand our partner network. We have the power to structure, be responsible for and organize our own work. All team members have excellent communication skills and experience with international contacts and like to keep up and work with the latest technologies and trends. We are friendly and always happy to share our ideas with our teams. I absolutely love the work environment that we all create in sales and IT department. innotec is a great company to work for. And I belong to it!