Our “customer care specialists” aim at increasing operational capabilities while simplifying process flows. To deliver accelerated business results you need a team that is built on a foundation of trust, forthrightness, empowerment, and accountability. Our major areas of expertise are service operations, smart service foundation, service request management, service agreements, professional services, service experience, service supply chain, service intelligence/analytics.


Customer retention: It happens naturally when the customer is happy with your service. He won’t just change even to your biggest competitor. And, of course, you will get more references.


Increases profitability: When your services are great, word of mouth works in your favour; you acquire new customers at lower costs – it really is as simple as that!


Confidence and satisfaction: Not only for your customers but also for your employees. When your employees build relationships with customers it is a huge competitive advantage.


Back office services - Technical Support

Technical Support

Our team is available 24/7, covering 24 languages in 4 communication channels. The correct design and configuration of system solution product interfaces and the optimal product usage development are crucial for an efficient, safe and well-organized company. This is why we offer our customers best in class, ITIL based technical support. The benefits of our technical support are to: see more

• Provide exceptional expertise, whilst offering lower ownership cost
• Give the ability to our clients to be more efficient and focused on their core competencies
• Provide higher ROI and deliver better customer satisfaction
• Offer coverage service for multi-channels and peaks

Customer Support - IT-Help Desk

IT Help Desk

How can the IT Help Desk assist any business organization? It offers the opportunity to work more efficiently since every technical issue will be fixed faster and in better quality. It provides one hotspot for all IT requests with an added function benefit: a single call for ticket generation. innotec’s IT Help Desk provides a systematic and unified approach with enabled historical and real-time reporting on SLAs/SLOs/KPIs. see more

innotec’s proactive approach guarantees our customers’ satisfaction. Some of the additional benefits our IT Help Desk provides are:

• ITIL service modules
• Pay-as-you-go approach
• Highly customizable and agile
• Scalability

Customer Support - Automation & Process Optimization services

Automation and Process Optimization

Automation will help your company do more with less by introducing smart workflows and removing redundant tasks. Automation increases the visibility of what is happening in the production environment, thereby freeing up even more time to focus on critical business matters. Our LEAN-based approach will help your organization confront the challenges it is facing. Searching for automated process optimization? Here are the benefits we provide: see more

• Improved organization and centralized communication
• Well-established processes – fit for purpose
• Increased accountability and multi-department visibility
• Minimized costs and fewer errors
• Supercharging for your turnaround time
• Control with regard to SLAs/SLOs/KPIs
• Goal setting and tracking
• Pin-pointed accurate information
• Future-oriented focus
• Improved customer satisfaction