The importance of having reliable data is vital for any organization. The relevant Data Services empower the organization by establishing controls, developing a healthy database, segment the prospects and set a clear and homogeneous process. innotec has successful track records in Data Management for the following domains: Data Validation; Content Management and Data Analytics.


Minimize errors: Solid data management minimizes the potential for errors and damages, caused by errors.


Make money: By applying successful Data management process will help you boost your business.


Teach and Empower: Better organized data teaches your employees and empowers them for the responsible and efficient use of data resources. The conclusion is cost saving and ROI optimization.


Data services - Data Validation

Data Validation

innotec provides a wide range of data management services. Each service is tailored to your business and industry. A highly experienced in-house data management team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy and speed at cost-effective rates. Explore our 5 services: see more

Data Entry: We help you focus on your core business while we provide you with a cost-effective We provide in-house expertise in maintaining databases, web research, online product catalogs data entry, gathering information from specific client-selected sites.
Data Processing: Organizing data into a database so that any information can be quickly updated, searched, added or removed. If you have data in an unorganized format and need to finish your project on time. Our data processing team is ready to assists you. We provide quick and accurate data processing services for any business – data aggregation and summary, editing and cleaning of data, data mapping.
Data Capture: The need to process hundreds or thousands of forms daily can quickly become an expensive headache. innotec offers manual data entry services, provided by experienced data entry keyers who can help you digitize your data.
Data Mining: Analyze all your data. Forecast next year’s sales. Analyze survey data. Analyze users by browsing and buying patterns.
Data Converting: Prevent loss of data. By using advanced technologies and skilled staff, we convert your unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats. Digitize it!

Back office services - Content Management

Content Management

With over 70 full time experienced editors dedicated to content management and publishing services, innotec helps you optimize your business with new content strategies like these 4: see more

Document management: Contemporary companies are confronted with an ever-increasing amount of documents. We provide accurate product content search, competitors monitoring, reducing the number of documents containing incorrect information or unfilled requirements etc.
Catalog management: innotec ensures the quality of product data and its reconfigurability. We support the definition, storage, retrieval, and management of product information, product classification, product group attribute assignment etc.
Content conversion: We can create useful content for many specific business niches. innotec offers the following services: writing of unique product reviews, product descriptions, technical content etc.
Document archive management and data retrieval: innotec helps you ensure long-term preservation of your documents, reduce storage space, protect your documents from unauthorized access and configure documents so they can be accessed by only certain employees.

Data services - Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data analysis allows you to connect and make sense of all data generated by the company. Analytics solutions help make decisions in areas like market research, production system monitoring and controlling, smart cities, etc.. innotec delivers complete analytics solutions integrating enterprise information sources and adding functionalities to transform data into reusable assets, providing modern experiences and automated decision-making mechanisms to the users. Why choose us: see more

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• Integrate Business Systems
• Actionable, Authoritative and Relevant
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