5 Convincing Reasons to Outsource Content Creation

Do you know that content creation is the area of content marketing with the highest reported increase in spending over the last 12 months, namely 56%?

This is one of the main findings of the annual B2B Content Marketing Report 20191, which presents the data from the B2B content marketers in North America. According to the same report, half of the marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase in 2019. What is more, in 2018 circa 56% of B2B2 and 62% of B2C3 content marketers have been outsourcing at least one part of their content marketing. And it seems like this outsourcing trend will continue in the future.

It’s no wonder that more and more companies decide to outsource their content creation since this is a hard task requiring a lot of effort, time and resources. If you are also wondering whether to outsource your content writing, here are five good reasons why this might be the right option for your business:


1.    You Don’t Have Enough Time and Resources

It takes considerable time to create a good piece of writing – starting from the initial research and the keyword research for SEO and going through several drafts, multiple text corrections and fine-tuning until you end up with the final article. Most companies simply do not have enough time or personnel to create their own content and this is a good reason to fully or partially outsource their content marketing activities.


2.    You Don’t Have the Right People

Creating high-quality content is not just a matter of having enough time and free resources. It’s a matter of writing skills, know-how, and industry expertise. If you want your articles to be unique, relevant, informative, well-researched, and well-written, you need to find the right people who are professionals and who can write these article for you. Moreover, experienced content writers deliver content that has gone through strict quality control procedures such as spell checks and plagiarism software.


3.    You Must Produce Content Regularly

Producing quality pieces of content on a regular basis turns out to be a great challenge for many businesses. Even if companies have the resources and the experts for their content writing, they still may fail to publish content regularly. And this is a problem because the content is nothing without consistency4. If you want to establish credibility, to build brand awareness, to engage your audience, and to generate leads, you need consistent content. Now you can ensure a steady flow of blog articles, social media posts, etc. by outsourcing your content writing to professional copywriting services.


4.    Outsourcing is Cheaper than Hiring an In-house Content Creator

Guess what, hiring a content creation company is actually cheaper than employing an in-house copywriter. Outsourced content writers are paid per piece of copy (not a monthly salary) and they do not get the employee benefits such as health and life insurance, etc. that are provided to a full-time employee. What’s more, by using a content creation service, you pay only for what you actually use and this is very practical if there are periods in your business when you do not have to create content.


5.    You Have to Create Content in a Foreign Language

Imagine, your company operates on a global level; your customers speak different languages, and they prefer to communicate in their local language. Therefore, you will have to make your content available in these foreign languages and this can be quite a challenge. In that case, the best thing you can do is outsource your content writing to professional multilingual copywriting services thus ensuring that the texts resonate with your audience’s cultural differences and linguistic expectations.



Content creation is one of the most difficult parts of inbound marketing. It requires time, resources, writing skills and expertise. And if the some of the above-mentioned facts refer to your business too, then maybe it is time to consider outsourcing your content creation and making use of professional content marketing services.

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