BPO services are saving money and increasing the time to focus on the core business

Saving money and increasing the time to focus on the core business – the main advantage of the BPO services and our 20+ years experience and expertise will take your business to the next level!


The Business Process Outsourcing is a contracting of a specific business task to a third-party service provider. The BPO service provider owns, administrates and manages selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics. Companies decide for this solution mainly because of a cost-saving measure. The business clients choose to outsource tasks which are required in the company but it does not depend on maintaining their market position.


On the top of the BPO services advantages list are saving money and increasing the time to focus on the core business. The outsourcing services are useful instruments when the business aims to reach revenue growth with creation and development of valid and measurable sales pipelines or to increase operational capabilities while simplifying process flows.


These are not the only benefits that BPO services add to the business. Take advantage of enhancing the speed and efficiency of the outsourced business processes. Organizations which are using BPO services get access to the latest technology. The technological development is an important part of the successful project. Freedom and flexibility, quick and accurate reporting, saving on resources related to staffing and training you gain them all when choosing the most relevant BPO services for the company’s operations.


Тhe BPO offerings can be separated into two major categories. These categories inbuilt offerings that can be leveraged across specific industries and demand specific industry vertical process knowledge:

  • Тhe Back Office Services and all internal business functions included as data entry, data management, surveys, payment processing, accounting support
  • The Front Office Services deal with customer interactions as telemarketing, customer service, technical support, appointment scheduling, inbound and outbound sales, market research.


innotec can provide both categories of BPO services. We have more than 20 years experience in complex and explainable IT-solutions & sales methods. Our portfolio includes capabilities in Demand and Growth Generation, Back Office Services, Customer Support and Data Services. The offerings include sales and customer services to scale your business:


The Demand Generation is the brand awareness creating instrument reaching the target audience. These services reduce time to market and scale end-customer face time thanks to integrated processes with marketing and sales and are generating valid sales potential in accordance with 20% B.A.N.T. criteria.


The Revenue Growth services main advantages are creation and development of valid and measurable sales pipelines, plannable sales volume, optimization or supporting the sales organizations. These revenue growing services include mapping the entire sales value chain.


It happens naturally when the customer is happy with your service. Our Customer Support services aim at increasing operational capabilities while simplifying process flows. To deliver accelerated business results a team that is built on a foundation of trust, forthrightness, empowerment, and accountability is needed.


innotec provides financial Back office services aimed to improve the quality, efficiency and cost structure of the financial operations. We are effectively managing all daily financial needs and providing our clients with enhanced insights into their financial procedures.


The importance of having reliable data is vital for any organization. The relevant Data Services empower the organization by establishing controls, developing a healthy database, segment the prospects and set a clear and homogeneous process.


We cover the entire value chain, starting with the creation of awareness in all target markets, generating valid leads and demand to the sales team. innotec supports all stages of opportunity development and closing. As also the after-sales processes, by our exceptional customer care services.


With our 20+ years experience and great expertise team in sales and process building, implementation and management we are the partner you can trust and our sales and customer services will scale your business.


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