Take the right way to increase the sales potential with innotec Sales Academy

Today the markets and the customer demands are changing, as well as the offerings, solutions and for sure buying decisions are formed differently. The Sales Academy Services can support the sales forces to understand and adapt to the changing reality and to be ready to keep up with it. These advantages in front of the sales teams require new and unique approaches to support them in reaching the targets, generating and exceeding the business revenue.


How to meet the advantages of the changing markets and how to reach the goals? What do the sales want to be:

Just a supplier or a trusted advisor building a long-term relationship with the client?


The solution is provided by innotec and its unique Sales Academy services. It’s not a theoretical method coach – innotec delivers practical and out of the box applicable success models. innotec Sales Academy is a self-established service, that provides the sales teams with the cutting-edge knowledge they need, to help nurture and cover the prospects’ needs, and therefore increasing the sales potential.


The experienced Sales Academy team recruits, trains and further develop clients inside sales units, as well as account management to optimize the sales cycles and the interaction between the units, and allocating assignments to maximize results and sales efficiency.



How does this unique Sales Academy work?

innotec clients have the advantage to receive a personalized sales training and processes based on exact industry and business needs. Learn more about your own inside sales unit as well as your account management in matters of appropriate and success-orientated sales methods to shorten sales cycles.

  • Customer first – without compromises, while focusing on the business benefits of solutions.
  • Role-based approach specialized for cold-calling.
  • Masterclass objection handling.
  • Establishing long-term business relations.
  • Education customers to be accepted as the trusted advisor, not the supplier.
  • Proven reference selling success formula.



Why choosing innotec?

20+ years of experience, 28+ languages coverage by native speakers, 400+ specialists, 8+ delivery locations worldwide. We are using innovative methodology combining Quality-Reliability-Trust- measurable results. We provide personalized services to customer business requirements in individual and cost-sensitive full-service offering.


innotec isn’t using theoretical principles but is instead using practical and out of the box tested methods that are used by innotec’s own company. Using these principals your company will see results fast, and thereby give your company success by allocating assignments to maximize results and sales efficiency. innotec’s knowledge is proven to be successful by 100+ Microsoft and Cloud-Based Projects, successfully implemented and scaled on local and international, Multilanguage level.


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