Revenue Growth services component means the creation and development of valid and measurable sales pipelines. It includes mapping the entire sales value chain: from the opportunities that have been created by innotec, through the development/progression of sales-accepted pipeline values, up to the generation of revenue – and every time with the focus on optimisation of conversion rates and KPIs.


Creation and development of sales pipelines: Do you have a targeted prospect list? Are you qualifying your leads and only working on the qualified ones?


Plannable sales volume: Businesses are subject to ups-and-downs every day, but we can help you grow in a way that will enable you to serve all your (potential) customers on time


Optimization or supporting of your sales organization: We can do it with just a few simple rules: don’t make mistakes by applying proven, successful acquisition methods and strategies; ensure unique competitive sales operations; build an action plan…


Revenue Growth - Inside Account Management

Inside Account Management

We have experience and we know how to maintain reliable sales pipelines. We also know how to progress the development of our clients’ sales pipeline and convert it into revenue figures. If you need to break into new lines of business, we know how to enable this for you. see more

innotec is experienced and has a vast degree of expertise from hundreds of successful projects in the further development of sales opportunities and in shortening sales cycle.

Revenue Growth - Cloud Sales

Cloud Sales

innotec is well known as a “first mover” to create valuable new sales methods to drive direct sales with “end to end” revenue responsibility. We have great experience in the processes surrounding the generation of valid opportunities in all kinds of cloud business environments. see more

From the initial dialogue into a target market to the signature of a contract with our clients’ customers. This includes further steps from creation of demand and closing of opportunities from start to finish – full sales cycle ownership is our specialty.

Revenue Growth - Channel Management

Channel Management

Another specialty of innotec is the evaluation and generation of new business channel partners for supporting indirect sales targets. We can help you develop and manage your channel partners to ensure revenues in the channel ecosystem. see more

Let us help you generate new partners or manage the existing channel in a specific timeframe.

Convince and gather as many partners as possible and incorporate the support performance in the realization of the pipeline and revenue targets.

Revenue Growth - Sales Academy

Sales Academy

We have established our own “Sales Academy” in order to provide the best service for our clients based on our diverse “best practice” project experience from the generation of sales potential and the development of existing customers. We recruit, train and further develop your own inside sales units as well as your account management in matters of appropriate and success-orientated sales methods to shorten sales cycles. We actually optimize: see more

the interaction between the back office and field sales organizations. We also allocate assignments to maximize results and enhance sales efficiency.