In Brief About The Client

Since 1999, the owner-managed company Auto Fleet Control (AFC) has been specializing in innovative solutions in the area of risk and claims management for commercial vehicles. AFC thereby generates cost saving potential, ensures administrative relief and guarantees maximal transparency in claims settlements.

Auto Fleet Control is the absolute market leader with over 650,000 claim settlements since business commenced and a permanent portfolio inventory of some 120,000 vehicles. Moreover, the company operates completely independently on behalf of their customers.

Michael Pfister

Chief Executive Officer

“We have found a competent partner in innotec, one that opens “the doors” for potential new customers for us.”

The Challenge

Generating valid sales potential for our client’s complex solutions, services and products by phone. The campaign focused on AFC’s target group companies and markets. The big challenge in the project was to develop a commercial pipeline and to create a tool for prospects and sales evaluation.

Part of the project was also to create a so-called “sales stage development” i.e. an advancement of sales potential and sales resource allocation. The project requirements also envisaged a reduction in sales cycle timelines as well as an effective tracking of sales opportunities.

The Solution

During the project delivery, innotec established long-term relationships with potential AFC customers. Furthermore, we analysed the decision-making structure of the prospects and developed a successful approach to every person involved in the process.

We profiled the entire structure of the target companies and identified upsell and cross-sales opportunities. This meant we could provide our client’s sales team with valuable insights as to how to develop a successful business-driven approach.

Innotec also helped AFC to clearly define the benefits of its services. We generated numerous valid leads and personal appointments with strategic prospects for our client’s sales team.

Benefits / Results

AFC received a large number of high-quality leads with outstanding conversion potential. The return on investment from the project was very positive.