Development of sales potential for Logica

In Brief About The Client

Logica is an international supplier of IT and consultancy services with 40,000 employees in 41 countries. With a profound knowledge and a successful 40-year history, Logica is focused on supporting its customers to achieve leading positions in the market. To facilitate this, Logica offers consultancy services, system integration and outsourcing of IT and business processes irrespective of the fields of business. Headquartered in Europe, Logica is listed on the stock exchanges in London, Amsterdam and Stockholm (LSE: LOG; Euronext).

Gabriela Heuser

Sales Manager

„innotec achieved outstanding results for Logica. It was not only the quality which was convincing for us, but also the quantitative approach exceeded our expectations. Our original and given KPIs were one-hundred percent met – at a measurable quality of sales. We shall be pleased to continue to work with innotec.“

The Challenge

innotec was commissioned to compile a pipeline of concrete valid sales opportunities as part of a fixed-term telesales campaign run over a period of 30 calendar days. The database, provided by Logica, contained 565 cross-industry companies from the enterprise client segment. The objective was to establish ten qualitative opportunities for the Logica sales team.

Based on our “Solution Selling approach”, innotec had to generate demand for complex Logica solutions that are very specific and need to be explained.

The Solution

In order to develop awareness for Logica’s solutions, we designed a focussed campaign entitled “System Management” and positioned it in the area of process-oriented, IT infrastructure management. Afterwards, it was a question of creating awareness among the decision-relevant contact persons.

Logica is a company specialized in cross-manufacturer environments and future-oriented IT solution scenarios so as to build brand new IT processes. Additionally, the company is experienced in the proactive management of the entire IT infrastructure and critical services management (business service monitoring). In this context, technologies such as System Center from Microsoft or Share Point Server play a central role. At Logica, consultancy and other services are used as a central sales argument.

The first step was to identify the relevant target persons with the simultaneous establishment of multiple telephone communication at decision-maker level. The content of the campaign was created specifically to quickly achieve a kind of “awareness” among the key decision makers.

innotec communication specialists were able to identify the global requirements and the possibilities of IT optimization among the target customers and to position Logica’s solutions. This was possible by using the content methodology called “Trojan horse” and also by applying techniques such as conduct dialogues. We should also consider the combination of methodological skills in telesales support that innotec owns.

By applying all the methodologies and skills mentioned above, Logica managed to achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals.

Benefits / Results

We generated 19 valid opportunities for Logica in 30 days. Of these 19, 6 required short-term action and a sales cycle of less than three months. Another 8 opportunities had a sales cycle of up to six months. The remaining 5 were with forecast realization periods of up to twelve months. The whole project was realized by innotec’s communication specialists and included e.g. a migration of Lotus Notes to Microsoft, the introduction of ITIL processes, the implementation of Microsoft System Center, etc.

innotec managed to deliver two projects with a volume of over 100K euro. The time period was only two months for active opportunity generation.

In conclusion, we should also add that innotec successfully positioned Logica’s existing customers in other business sectors, thus enabling cross-selling potential.