Inbound service for BULPROS

In Brief About The Client

BULPROS is an international corporation dedicated to IT solutions, products and services, specializing in cloud, security and digital transformation with a focus on technology and telecommunications, financial services, insurance, and healthcare. BULPROS is headquartered in Europe with offices in USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Canada, and the UK. BULPROS is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe according to Deloitte’s latest report “Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe” and “Technology Fast 500 in Europe, Middle East, and Africa” as well as in the “Inc. 5000 Europe”.

Ivaylo Slavov


The most remarkable thing for me is that innotec succeeded in serving more than 1,000 contacts on a monthly basis with such a high quality of above 90%.

The Challenge

The project was to target 75% of the Global 500 companies. The goal: to cover 3 communication channels plus service 24/7.

The Solution

The solution that innotec provided for BULPROS was a single point of contact for users in the event of incidents and service requests (MAC). We provided a point of communication for their customers and a point of coordination for “Event Management”. Additionally, the project included operational groups and processes in the area of incident management, back-end support and service support partners.

The project was prepared in 2 main phases:

  1. September and October: phase 1 of the recruitment and training process
  2. November and December: phase 2 of the recruitment and training process, in which we managed to build an entire team

The project went live at the end of 2014 with a fully operational team for inbound marketing.

Benefits / Results

The benefits for BULPROS were clear and measurable, including cost and process optimization: an average profiling rate of 80% with more than 1,000 contacts on average being handled monthly at a quality level in excess of 90%.